The LA INDIE Film Festival is the partner festival to the well established LA COMEDY Festival, www.LAComedyFest.com. Over the years we have had the privilege to work with hundreds of filmmakers who have told wonderfully funny stories. Many have gone on to make great films in other genres.

Every LA COMEDY Festival we receive hundreds of film submissions and have been struck by how many of those films we receive that don’t necessarily fit into the genre of comedy, but are nonetheless super films that deserve to be seen by an LA audience and Industry. This made us think how wonderful it would be to showcase all the terrific stories that are being told in film, in all the different, creative ways in which they are being told.  And of course, comedies are welcome too!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 11th LA Indie Film Festival:


Best Feature Film



Best Web Series

Arun Considers

Best TV Pilot

Do the Voice

Best Short Film Ensemble

Shit Kids

Best Short Film Direction

Dinh Thai


Best Short Film Screenplay

Ryan Egypt 

Chasing Titles, Vol. 1

Audience Choice

The New 35

Nasty Habits

Best of the Fest: Short Short

Back Page Ripper

Best of the Fest: Short Film

You Can Never Really Know Someone



In Shadows  by Cooper Justus  WINNER

Leave by Alysha Haran

The Elderly Escape by  Richard Woolbert


Heathens by Lilly Camp

In Deep by Sheri Davenport

We’re Gonna Die Alone by  Ryan Gowland & Julia Wackenheim-Gimple  WINNER


A Cold Knife in a Warm Back  by  Michael Mandaville

Dietrich Danzig by John Pisano-Thomsen  WINNER

Universal Monster  by Constantine Nasr