08:30 pm • September 23, 2017

(Los Angeles, CA, June 2017, 6 min.)
Web Series


Dave Dorsey

Arun Narayanan

Arun Narayanan

Arun Narayanan

Matthew Macar

Kevin MacLeod

Sound Editor:
Arun Narayanan

Arun Considers follows its creator/star, Indian American screenwriter Arun Narayanan, as he walks through the streets of Los Angeles while a voiceover provides his darkly comedic inner monologue, delving into provocative subjects like pornography addiction and discrimination in airports.


Arun Narayanan

What People Are Saying

"There’s something comforting about Arun’s musings. Maybe it’s knowing our own thoughts aren’t all that crazy. Maybe it’s isolating one man in such a large city ironically makes us feel more connected. Maybe it’s just that Arun is pretty funny, and that this is a good watch. Either way, falling into Arun’s brain is a fun ride for certain. [8/10]" -- TRENDING ALL DAY

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"The incisively funny monologues of Arun Considers offer slices of life that are both deeply felt and engagingly relatable. Mr. Narayanan’s narration is delivered in an easy, naturalistic style that is penetrating, yet never loses it’s lighthearted tone. The visuals, directed by Dave Dorsey add easy-to-follow stories that don’t distract, but instead perfectly complement the narrations." -- DANIEL NEAL (FILMMAKER, NEW YORK)

"Arun is a modern-day philosopher akin to Chuck Klosterman. Dissecting the myriad of thoughts that stumble around a guy's mind throughout the day. Arun exposes his mental musings in complete detail, set on top of visuals of a typical errand full day. Best part he always resolves to a profound answer to his pondering, which reestablishes the order he searched out to find. I rather turn down my own mental chatter and listen to Arun press on these culturally divisive topics and receive his well-considered answers." -- JONATHAN RAMEAU (ARCHITECT, FLORIDA)

"Dude, this is really REALLY good. I think it's the favorite thing I've ever seen/read of yours, I know that's maybe weirdly enthusiastic, but I think it's so fucking good." -- BEN STILLERMAN (ARUN'S ROOMMATE, CALIFORNIA)